Equality: Legally & Socially

Photo by Arsenik Studios

It’s amazing how we have the courage to say things behind our screens that we would otherwise lack courage to say in person. “You call yourself a feminist, but your pictures don’t look feminist.” Please tell me what that actually means?

Look, there will be debates about this until the end of time and to be honest these debates are necessary to progress equality between the sexes. Women have come so far even over the last Century to fight for gender equality legally, but how far are we progressing socially? I will leave this topic open for discussion whether in the comments or other means, but I will leave you with this food for thought: A man is an athlete, feels empowered when he is at peak performance, and a photographer captures him at his fiercely masculine essence. A woman is an athlete, feels empowered at her peak performance, and a photographer captures the essence of her empowerment and femininity. Why is the woman being judged by her clothing options, or lack thereof?

Let me tell you what feminism means to me: it’s the right to choose. I should be able to wear what I feel comfortable in. If that’s a power suit or a bikini, that’s my choice. There are places in the world, and women that only dream of having that kind of freedom. So next time you see a women wearing something and you want to pass judgement, may that stone be cast on the woman wearing a fashion faux paux, not in the modesty of her outfit choice.

What does feminism mean to you?

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